San Fulgencio Ayuntamiento is not complying with an order made by the Contentious Court Number 1 of Elche in respect of a lawsuit filed by 8 agents of the San Fulgencio Local Police force.

The officers claimed their right to receive an additional supplement for carrying out night duties despite the fact that the council unilaterally cancelled the payment in April 2014.

However the municipality did make the payments from 2014 to 2017, but not last year. Now the municipality owes 140,000 euros to the the agents, 25 in total, as ordered by the court.

The City Council according to the unions “has shown an inconsistency in its management of the police salaries, because, one day they tell us that they will comply with the court order, but the next they inform us that they cannot and they are going to study it once again. Month after month and even year after year they are making excuses and as such the unions SPPLB and CSIF have called a protest to demand that payment is made by May 21.