The Spanish air accident investigation branch, CIAIAC is investigating an incident in which two Ryanair jets became so close they could have collided mid-air.

The incident happened on Thursday, 25 October, when the CIAIAC report that according to preliminary data the separation between the aircraft reduced to 400 feet vertical and 2.2nm horizontally, a situation which is now under investigation.

The first aircraft involved was flight FR-1192 from Sevilla, to Toulouse. When the aircraft was around 12 nautical miles south of Pamplona, flight FR-724 from Santiago de Compostela to Palma Mallorca also entered into  the same airspace.

Both aircraft received warnings from the onboard TCAS, the traffic collision avoidance system or traffic alert and collision avoidance system, and both crews complied with the protocol in order to avoid a collision.

Both aircraft became clear of conflict and continued to their destinations for safe landings.