The mayor of Orihuela, Emilio Bascuñana has once again criticised the delay in the construction of La Zenia Emergency Centre. He has urged the Generalitat to stop making excuses and to either resume the building work as soon as possible or to delegate powers to the Ayuntamiento.

Bascuñana has written to the Conselleria de Presidencia, headed by Ximo Puig, demanding that he “assumes responsibility, immediately puts out the tender documentation, awards the contract and gets on with the building work.”  Alternatively, if Puig is not willing to recommence the project he should do the decent thing and delegate the powers to Orihuela Council.

The mayor made his demands at a press conference on Tuesday where he appeared with the Councillor for Emergencies, Víctor Valverde (PP), who also criticised the “passivity” of the Consell and the General Directorate of Emergencies in respect of the project, the final modified drawings for which were presented in October 2017.

Valverde said that in February of this year the Heritage Consell in the Ministry of Economy gave his “approval” to the project but despite repeated calls, the work, budgeted at 2.2 million euro, has not even been tendered.

Bascuñana underlined the fact that for Orihuela this work “that we have been waiting for over ten years is important and urgent.” For this reason, he states in the letter that “if they are not capable of taking responsibility, they should make it clear to us, instead of continually making excuses.”



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