Six Vega Baja colleges have been placed among the ten secondary schools that have obtained the highest average grade in the University Entrance Tests carried out at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) in early June.

The secondary schools were placed as follows: IES Los Alcores, San Miguel de Salinas (8.00); IES Las Espeñetas de Orihuela (7.94) ; IES Cox (7.86); IES Vega Baja of Callosa de Segura (7.84), IES San Pascual de Dolores (7.78) ; IES Playa Flamenca de Orihuela (7.75).

IES Los Alcores obtained the highest score of all the institutes, followed by the IES Las Espeñetas. The list of the ten positions was completed by three local centres: Newton College of Elche (7.92), IES Luis García Berlanga of San Juan (Alicante) and Colegio Almedia de Callosa d’En Sarrià.

A total of 3,244 students took the entrance exam of which, 3,192 obtained the necessary grades.