The Guardia Civil is investigating the death of a 12 year old boy in La Union, who was found unconscious in his room on Tuesday night in the family home in Santa Barbara.

The door was locked from the inside and when the father managed to break it down it was too late. This was confirmed by the Government delegate, Francisco Bernabé, who explained that the Civil Guard has opened an investigation to establish the cause of death.

Bernabé said that “the Guradia were able to resuscitate the child” and that he was admitted to the Santa Lucia hospital in Cartagena “in a very serious condition”. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of the doctors, the child died later in the evening.

The mayor of La Union, Pedro Lopez, said that he knew the child, adding that the suicide is completely baffling as the boy was a “fully integrated” at the Sierra Minera Secondary school, where he studied in the town.

“The family is being attended by specialists and I have contacted the school and there is no indication that it is a case of bullying or bullying. It seems that it is due to other issues, although the Judicial Police are investigating the causes that surround this tragedy, “said the mayor.

López was raised in the same neighbourhood of Santa Bárbara where the young man’s family lives. “He was an extroverted and sympathetic boy,” he adds, describing his parents as humble, big-hearted people who came from Morocco two decades ago to work at La Unión, where their son was born.

Once the autopsy has been completed in Cartagena, the body will be taken to the El Algar funeral home, about three kilometres from La Unión, after which the parents will travel with the body to Morocco where the young boy will be laid to rest.