We might be biased, but Spain is the ideal location for your next holiday. Not only is it relatively inexpensive to get to from almost anywhere in Europe, it’s pretty inexpensive when you’re actually there, too. But money isn’t everything – not when you could be making memories.

So what’s the big deal? Well, Spain has diversity, for a start. There’s so much to see and do. Think outside of the box and visit as many places as you can – not just Barcelona and Madrid. Here are some of the things you absolutely have to check out on your visit to Spain.

The Food

Seriously, have you tried Spanish food before? Not like this you haven’t. Whether you want some tapas in a quiet little village or you prefer seafood paella overlooking the ocean, Spanish food is fresh, fragrant and full of flavour. The food has its own individual quirks depending on location, as the meals themselves are characterised by the places they come from. On the world culinary stage, Spain also packs quite a punch. In 2017, five of the world’s best restaurants were located in the country – with three in the top 10. They say that once you’ve had steak from number six, Asador Extebarri, you’ll never truly appreciate steak from anywhere else again! 


The Social Scene

The Spanish are a social bunch, and whether you’re sat out until late evening drinking cocktails at city bars, or partying it up in Ibiza, there are plenty of places to go. 

Of course, socialising isn’t all about drinking. The dating scene in Spain is also very much alive. There’s a reason so many people lust after a Latin lover – we wrote the book on “el amor”! Spanish is a language of love, and anything can sound attractive in that accent. If you don’t know any local people, don’t worry. Dating at Badoo encourages you to meet local people, wherever you are in the world. 

The Outdoors

Spain is an absolutely breathtaking country, and there’s so much to explore. From quaint little villages in the heart of the countryside to the beautiful, sprawling beaches, Spain has an abundance of natural wonders. Plus, it’s got the perfect climate to match.

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the coastal waters, sometimes a more remote beach with fewer tourists and a more laid-back vibe is going to be your best bet. Hire a car and visit hidden beaches in Costa Blanca, Mallorca and even Ibiza. Yes, Ibiza!


The Culture

Palaces, cathedrals, museums and more – Spain has so many cultural sights that you can make an educational visit and make it still feel like a holiday. Obviously, everyone knows about Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid, but there’s also incredible World Heritage Sites like the Alhambra fortress, the artistically important town of Toledo, or the Segovia Roman Aqueduct. Many of the cultural sites tell you a lot about history, and their architecture is varied and robust. 

Spain is a country with a lot of sparkle and secrets. To unlock them for yourself, you’ll just have to visit!