Torrevieja celebrates el Día de la Policía

Torrevieja celebrates el Día de la Policía
Torrevieja celebrates el Día de la Policía

Torrevieja has celebrated el Día de la Policía on the occasion of the 184th anniversary of the formation of the Policia Local on which its officers were presented with awards for both long service and for exceptional work during the course of the year.

In addressing the officers, Torrevieja’s mayor, José Manuel Dolón, who is also the Councillor of Police, said that the service had performed extremely well, regardless of whether or not they received individual recognition.

“We have to congratulate everyone individually,” he said. “Each and every member must be congratulated for their effort and commitment, in making the city safe, despite the difficulties that they regularly encounter. Thanks to your effort and collaboration with other security forces the crime rate has fallen and life has been able to continue in a peaceful and harmonious way “.

In his speech he also asked for their understanding and cooperation “to try to overcome the challenges we have, and to make the force work ensuring that Torrevieja remains as a safe city and in which the public can have full trust in the security forces and in all of you.”

Following the speeches the mayor presented awards ranging from meritorious service to outstanding work in the prevention of crime, including the overpowering of a man who was holding 3 women at knifepoint in his home. He also made mention of the numerous interventions by the officers in leading members of the public to safety as their homes were engulfed in fire, the location of a girl who was lost, especially risky arrests, the regulation of traffic at events, the battle against street vendors, noise pollution, alcohol and drug controls, and of course their attention to the public.

The mayor presented medals that recognition of 25 years of service to Luis Alarcón López and José Ramón Cano Oña; 30 years to Inspector Juan Carlos García González; and 35 years to Daniel Gálvez Costa. A medal for 35 years of loyal service was also awarded José María Ramón López Vera.

The mayor also had words of thanks for the families of all members of the Local Police, as well as for all officers and agents, the Civil Guard, the National Police and the Army that were also present at this celebration.

The Unión Musical Torrevejense, accompanied by the Ricardo Lafuente choir, sang the hymns of the Police, Torrevieja, the Valencian Community and Spain. They also played and sang ‘Death is not the end’ as two agents and the mayor laid a laurel wreath as a tribute to those agents who had passed away, in front of the statue of the Guardian Angel.