The residents of Playa Babilonia in Guardamar del Segura expressed their disappointment after learning that the Coastal Authority has appealed the judicial order requesting the adoption of urgent precautionary measures to restore the effects of the storm to their properties, with dozens of houses having suffered damage, some to the point of total collapse.

The association criticized the fact that the 100 families who live in Playa Babilonia heard of the move through the media and not through official channels. This action refers to the agency’s intention not to act in the area until the end of the concession, which expires in mid-2018.

They say that the lack of action is “ a delaying process by the Costa’s so that the sea does its work”, finishing up by  destroying the hundred houses of Playa Babylon instead of them being required to take measures that will stop the advance of the sea.

The residents have now publicly asked for the resignation of the Head of the Coastal Service in Alicante




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