Travelling around to various destinations, and for a variety of reasons, memories are made, and from time to time they come flashing back, sometimes causing a giggle, if not the reflection of embarrassment. I’m not certain what triggered this thought as it was a long time ago.

For an annual getaway we had hired a Gite, it was secluded and was miles from anywhere in the French countryside, it was not even attached to a farm.

As I say, it was isolated and situated directly on the side of a little used narrow road, no front door, just a gateless opening on one side to park the car.

To the rear, beyond the fenced garden, in a blaze of yellow, rape seed was growing, with apple orchards, surrounding the remaining area.

It was hot, very hot. At the rear of the house and partly shaded by trees, a lovely patio.

Total silence, calling the birds the acceptable exception, with not a care in the world, we stripped down laid on a sun bed each with a book and a glass or two enjoying the cooling breeze.

Suddenly, voices. An English couple had seen our British number plates and walked down the side of the house.

They were carrying a baby and wanted to know if we could warm up the child’s feed bottle.

Grabbing towels, and trying to be decent, I know not who was more embarrassed, them or us.

My guess, embarrassed, is how the girl in class eight at the Rye College in East Sussex felt recently, when she was reprimanded in front of the class by her teacher, after she had objected to a classmate who said she identified as a cat.

There is nothing in the report to say if this girl wore whiskers or a tail, and I wonder if she uses a dirt tray in the corner which brings a whole new meaning to unisex toilets, sorry non gender. I cannot help wondering if she jumped up walls and knocked things off shelves.

The teacher in this Church of England school branded the 13-year-old pupil as ‘despicable’ for her thoughts for not believing someone can be a cat.

The teacher then says forcefully for three and half minutes, her voice was recorded, that the class eight pupil who did not believe a girl or anyone could be a cat, would be reported as she needed a ‘proper educational conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion’. It sounds to me like some far-off dictatorial state other than an English school.

How did the teachers’ thought process, and others with similar thinking have come to this conclusion?

It was this time last year in July that the Tavistock Clinic, which was based in North London, known as the ‘Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) which had treated 9,000 children as young as ten for gender assessment since it opened in 1989, whistle-blowers had for seventeen years been raising concerns about their procedures of persuading (my use of the word) young children to change gender.


Which means for thirty-four years various governments have allowed the mutilation of youngster’s minds and bodies, also their senses, altering their outlook and natural way of thinking before they reach puberty, the period when one grows into adulthood and comes to terms with feelings.

Daniel Black, who is now in his twenties, is receiving surgery to change from being female back to his birth sex.

Daniel suffered badly from bullying while he was at school and was mocked because of his gentle behaviour. He now says he misses his genitals every day, as they were removed when he was in his teens after a thirty-minute interview where he agreed to become a woman.

Just after a year of the transition he regretted taking the action and is now having surgery to have his chest remodelled and breasts removed. He also takes drugs to try and rebuild his manhood.

This is a very sad story of a person going through hours of surgery to change their body into the opposite sex only to realise it was the wrong decision, there are regular reports of others who have suffered the pain that Daniel went through to achieve what some doctors say is impossible.


In the secret world of the British security services, they must have been busy looking at other matters, perhaps worrying about people becoming cats. No doubt they were too embarrassed to acknowledge the Secret Police in Iraq, informing the British Government that they have stopped a major planned terror attack on a mass gathering in England, by British-based Islamic immigrants.

The Government’s embarrassing immigrant numbers arriving in the UK have no barrier to entering the country other than to get off a boat, (I wonder if there are any proposed cats amongst them) in fact, it is totally the opposite of immigration, quite frankly it is more of an invasion by people with different thoughts to those native of the land whose views, beliefs and way of living are slowly altered. And it is my belief that whatever the Iraqi Police discovered proves the point.

Don’t look now Percy:

They call the village in France on the Atlantic coast the ‘Bonking Budgies’ after the statue of the amorous birds on the seafront.

We had stopped and with picnic efficiency we unloaded the facilities with the chill cabinet and made our way down onto the soft sands of the beach and made ourselves comfortable in the sun by the sea wall.

Down the very steps we had used about ten smartly dressed young ladies also made their way on to the sands.

They laid their towels out, also along the sea wall, then each one immediately started to remove clothing.

It appeared they all were keen on an all over body tan with no strap marks.

We left early as it was spoiling my lunch. Take care. percychatteybooks