The Torrevieja council will be made up of 14 women and 11 men comprising of former lawyers, realtors and schoolteachers, in addition to health professionals, doctors, nurses, and officials of the Torrevieja City Council itself.

Only three of the members of the PP government team that will assume the management of the City Council over the next four years are new to the council. They are the surgeon and specialist in oncology Rosa Cañón, the graduate in Social Work, Trudy Páez, and the Real Estate Agent, Óscar Urtasun. The rest all have experience of at least one term in office.

Dolón, who has been in public office for two decades, has relied on a team that has worked for him and that he trusts, perfectly validated by the electoral result which once again saw the Partido Popular win an absolute majority as well as increasing the number of seats from 14 to 16.

For the opposition PSOE councillors, however, including the head of the list, Bárbara Soler, it could be a rude awakening as none of the six have any prior experience in government.

Salvador Ruso, elected councillor for Vox, did have organic responsibilities in his day in political parties such as CDS and as manager of health centres, but not as a councillor, while Pablo Samper has become a rare bird amongst independent politicians, the leader of Sueña Torrevieja repeating for the third time in a row at the Torrevieja Town Hall, something extremely praiseworthy in an environment that is not conducive to competition from small parties.

The lawyer Victoria Navarro, a Vox councillor, who is also a partner of one of the members of the local PP leadership, Juan Chapapría, also enters the Torrevieja government.

The new corporation is less plural than the previous two as it will be made up of  “only” four municipal groups, compared to the multitude of parties from the 2015-2019 period, seven municipal groups. They have disappeared at a stroke, including the representation of three Los Verdes councillors and the one councillor from Cs.

So what is the first thing that the mayor-elect wants to do?  He has said that Carlos Mazón, the new leader of Comunidad Valencia, has to support important projects to which he has committed. He speaks of the bad decision made with the reversal into public management of the Hospital that has been reflected in the support of local parties, and that message must be conveyed in Valencia so that they become a reality. Together with Eva Ortiz and María Gómez, La Vega Baja will be very well represented”, Dolón stated the day after the elections.

But he also clarifies. “I am mayor of Torrevieja and I am not going to leave that under any circumstances”. Dolón, of course, is now also a member of the Valencian Government.

“I will make it compatible as I have also done in the Provincial Council. It is something that I have to discuss with Carlos Mazón in the next few days. The important thing is that I must be here in Torrevieja to carry on with our projects. Two thousand more Torrevejenses have spoken. That is a big number, from 10,200 to more than 12,600 votes received.

Dolón insists on a local effort, “this week we will be ratifying the result of several contracting tables and plans for important works such as the remodeling of the Paseo de la Senda de La Mata and the sports pavilion of the same district. My focus is local,” he insists.

“There have been so many doubts raised by the opposition that nothing had been done here but I think that the message from the polls has been that there is a great effort made and that in the next four years we must continue on that line . The largest projects have been questioned. Torrevieja has said that we want them all”, he adds.

The leader of Sueña Torrevieja admitted that he had other expectations . “The party has achieved a councillor and we have a voice in the City Council, which unfortunately has not happened with other parties,“ says its elected councillor Pablo Samper. “Seeing the overall picture that we have to feel satisfied,” he adds.