Between now and January 5, 2023, Orihuela joins a campaign launched by Ecovidrio, a non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass wasted in Spain, with the aim of promoting glass recycling among all citizens during Christmas.

Guillermo Cánovas, Councillor for Street Cleaning and Urban Solid Waste in Orihuela has urged everyone to continue recycling glass “precisely, a time of year in which waste generation increases significantly and in which 20% of the glass containers that are recycled in a year are created”.

For the development of the campaign, Ecovidrio has placed a container decorated with the image of the campaign on Calle Loaces (in front of the Casino Orcelitano), which shows how all citizens contribute by way of infographics, with the gesture of recycling glass containers, in the preservation of the environment. In addition, three more containers with the campaign image will be distributed throughout the city, in which different messages about recycling glass containers and preserving the environment can be read. Specifically, in the Ociopía Shopping Centre, on calle Pablo Picasso (Tourist info) and on Avenida Teodomiro.

Likewise, Roberto Fuentes, Ecovidrio area manager, has reported that “in the vicinity of the containers, an environmental educator will inform passers-by about the environmental benefits of recycling glass containers and will distribute some original bookmarks with the campaign image and messages on sustainability”. Specifically, it will be on Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Thursday 29 December.

Glass recycling data in Orihuela

According to the latest available data corresponding to 2021, the citizens of Orihuela recycled a total of 2,120,032 kilograms of glass containers. This means that each citizen recycled an average of 26.85 kilograms of glass.

Regarding the containerisation rate, Orihuela has an average of 98 inhabitants per container, currently having a total of 197 igloos for glass waste installed in the municipality.