The FACUA consumer group in the Valencian Community has urged the regional Department of Universal Health and Public Health to take the necessary measures to urgently solve the collapse that hospitals are suffering.

So far, the association has denounced that the situation focussing on Valencia, complaining that the situation has become totally unsustainable, with saturated emergency departments that cannot properly attend to patients and waiting lists that far exceed any reasonable period for health care.

They mention the General Hospital of Valencia, which has recently reported the overflow of its emergencies, with patients having to wait up to four days due to the lack of beds and sufficient staff in the complex. However, this is not the only hospital that has denounced this situation, in the hospitals of La Fe and Ribera there have also been protests due to saturation, and those local to the area covered by the Torrevieja Health Department will be all too aware of the situation in Torrevieja hospital.

FACUA Comunidad Valenciana recalls that a study carried out by the association in November 2021 already revealed very worrying data about the situation of the waiting lists in the community: the waiting time reached up to 180 days to be attended.

In light of these results, the association held various meetings with the previous Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health to convey this problem and demand solutions. Despite the fact that the Generalitat promised to continue implementing measures to alleviate the situation, the truth is that during 2022 the situation of hospital centres throughout the Valencian territory has only worsened, they say.

FACUA Comunidad Valenciana, therefore, requires the Ministry take action on the matter to urgently solve the situation of sanitary collapse, thus avoiding causing further harm to Valencian users.

Lastly, the association encourages users to get in touch with them if you have experienced problems of this type, and have had difficulties in hospitals or health centres in the community. Their telephone number is 688 954 954, email: