L’Alfàs del Pi celebrated the National Day of Romania with a special cultural and festive programme in the Municipal Tent.

The 800 Romanian residents registered in the town on the Costa Blanca place them among the four most numerous in the municipality, after Norwegians, English and Dutch.

“A presentation of the programme was made, along with the mayor of l’Alfàs, Vicente Arques, and the Councillor for Residents, Martina Mertens.

“Also in attendance was the City Council technician Claudia Tocu; teachers of the LCCR course of Romanian language, culture and civilisation that is taught every week at the Casa de Cultura and the Social Center of l’Albir.

“Ángela Sular and Delia Burcea, and members of the Zestrea Romaniei Alicante association, Elena Greblea, Jorge Burlacu, Adriene Isac and Juan Durá.

“L’Alfàs del Pi has been commemorating this day for years, in which Romanian residents from different parts of the Valencian Community and Murcia meet,” said a spokesperson.

Leisure and entertainment activities of a cultural and festive nature were programmed with dances, musical performances and typical gastronomy to share with the entire population.

“The celebration was in line with the commitment to continue working from the local administration to promote integration as the best way of personal and social enrichment,” said Councillor for Residents, Martina Mertens.

December 1 marked the National Day of Romania, and the City Council, in collaboration with the local and provincial associations Zestre Romaniei Alicante, Ulpia Traiana Romanian Association Costa Blanca, Romanian Traditional Folklore Association Elche and Acoramar de San Pedro del Pinatar.

“The event was organised with the intention of disseminating their culture and traditions.

A day of coexistence to remember that it was on December 1, 1918 when in the city of Alba Iulia, in Transylvania, the Union of all the Romanian provinces, Transylvania, Wallachia, Moldavia, Basarabia and Bucovina, was signed.

“A party for democracy and freedom, organised to disseminate and share its culture and traditions, in a town that is the flag of its multiculturalism,” said mayor, Vicente Arques.