Serenity Insurance Darts League


Danny’s Bar  v  Mind The Gap

Wins in both the triples (1-2) and pairs (1-2) for Gap, gave the visitors a healthy 2-4 half time advantage. Danny’s Karen Collins a 47 out and Dave Stevens D8, for the hosts. Sam Salt, D2, D10, Paul Moody D5, and Darren Sanderson D4 replying for Gap. The latter firing in 100, 123, 140, Steve Collins 132, Paul Robinson 100, Bob Smith 140 answering for Dannys.

Dave Stevens 2×100, 85 opened the singles, narrowly losing to a “Showboat” 60 out from Sam Salt. Bob Smith 81,123, D1 kept the game temporarily alive for 3-5, Gap taking the 4 remaining singles via, Sanderson D10, Moody 100, D20, Gordon Cowan, 99, 140, D16 and Che Liam 85,100, D20. POTM – Stevens – Sanderson.

Freakie Taverners  v  Hub Hyenas

Freakie Taverners.

A good all round Hub performance resulted this convincing away victory. Hyenas taking all 3 triples, Dario Sierra headlining with a D8 and 116,125,140. Jay Wilkinson, D6 and Mark Ellis D20, making it 0-3. The same two adding the 1st pair. John Bowden, who else, gained Freakies first point with Mitch Halliday on a 46 out. Andre Wing 95 concluding the pairs on D20.

At 1-5, Freakies needed 5 singles for the draw, POTM Bryan Livsey 81,100 nearly toppling POTM  Wilkinson 97, D19, now 1-6. Ellis 121,140,89,D4, ensuring both points for the Hub, Durrant D20 and Wing 132,D8 making it 1-9.Bob Taylor 2×100,83, couldn’t buy a double, Bowden 95,D8, taking the hosts 2nd. Sierra D5 ending the match against an unlucky Halliday, 100,83.

Jubilant – Hyenas

Milos  v  Fallen Angels

Javi de Gea made his mark on this match with 3×100,120, 3x 80+ and a singles victory for POTM. Raul Rocamora contributing 2×100,95,85 and 2 outs. The game wasn’t won until the 12th leg Cian Garcia the hero. The Fallen ones had in fact gone ahead 4-5 through Billy Dolling, earlier hitting 134 plus an out. but couldn’t capitalise, Milos taking the remainder. Darren Foster Angels POTM, with a bucket load of 80+’s and 140.

CK1 Ladybirds  v  CK1 Lads

Birds lone point scorer in the 1st half was Sharon O’Rourke 94, D6. Kirsty Green’s 100 and Sandra Crabbe’s 140 to no avail. The Lads in touching distance of victory at half time via Bill Leaves D2,D10, Kevin Woods 134, D1, Ricky McCarthy D2 and Les Adams D12.

Steve Monk Dalton was obviously in a hurry nailing 100,125,100, D20 for his sides 6th point, Crabbe delaying the inevitable, taking the 8th on 85, D20. Ginge Lewis, 85,85,130 gaining both points for the Lads.

Angels Delights  v  Pint Depot Queens

At 3 apiece, this match had draw written all over it. Not so as Delights went into overdrive winning 5 of the available six 2nd half singles, for the match and points. Two pretty decent outs from Queens, POTM – Marie Cummins, T14,D20 and Marge Morgan T17,D14, came in the 1st half.

The 2nd half belonged to Delights, POTM – Sharon Williams, Steph Knowles, Henni Oortwijn, the 6th, match winner Karen Coutts, not forgetting Winnie McKay, the 5 winners. Jade Cox D5 taking the final leg.

Hub Hellraisers  v  Dominos Desperados

Despos raced to a 0-3 lead courtesy of Steve Harding 98, D2, D1 and Paul Chick, 100,85, D1. Hub replied winning all 3 triples via D1, through Linda Davies, Carol Rowland and Ali Scammell, 120.

Ann Taylor 81, D2  put Raisers in front for the 1st time, Despos replying with the next three, Kathy Wallbanks 81, D2, Angie Chick D8, adding to earlier scores of 83,93,120 and Dave Oates ensuring a draw 4-6. Scammell 92, D2 and Lesley Dolling winning the final 12th leg for the draw.  POTM.- Dolling – Harding.

CC Flyers  v  El Capitan

As expected, a real cracker from these 2 champions elect. A 31 ton and 19, 80+ score total, ended up with the Caps just claiming both points. POTM, Matt Smith hit 100,140,125, partner Suso Madrid 95, and an 81 out for 18 darts in the opening pairs, Smith 2×100, 140, D18, continuing his fine form for a 16 dart 501 singles victory, the main highlights in this tussle.

Ben Kernahan won Caps POTM overcoming a determined Dougie Adkins 121,100 with 2×100,85, D6. Olly Walker claimed 3 doubles, plus 121,123,140. Figuring for Flyers were Chelsea Campbell, 2×100,111 and Jesus Madrid 4×100 and a 60 out.

Leeson Street Trotters  v  Tipsy Toad Toppers

Paddy Winterbourne D8, Andy Rutter 95,100,D10 and Steph Simpson 134, D15, gave Toppers an early advantage, Mike Fellows 101 and Kain Hickman 125 responding for Trotters. The hosts were soon level,Ron Chadwick 121,D5, Barry Shingler 95 and Yvonne Rouffignac 100, D10, finding the outer ring, Rutter 2×100,85 in reply.

Shingler 121,112, D4 and Rutter D20 kept it all square after 8 legs, the visitors nailing the remaining 4 legs for two valuable points. Andy Gildea, 116, D8, Graham Solomans, 100, D2 ,Winterbourne D2 and Lee Maiden D20 closing the game. POTM – Hickman – Rutter.

Tipsy Toad Tiaras  v  CC’s Bees

The Bees brought along some new faces to the league as part of a team that have only played together for 3 weeks.  Captain Liam Lumb egged his lads on, after all they were only playing a ladies team, and was confident of a sound victory when he secured the Bees first point.

The Bees got stung in the 2nd triples though despite POTM Dave Jennings rattling off 156, 177 and 95 as POTM Simone de Lacy sent her arrow straight into D16, first chance. Tiaras only other point came via Lisa Ivill´s D3 against a frustrated Simon Bantleman in the singles.

A few other chances were squandered but the Tiaras scored well, Sharon Crane 121 on her first throw and Tracey Simpson a ton, all others scores of 80 or more. Bees other big shots came from Paul Christopher (2 x121, 2×100), Bantleman (105) and Bruce Admiraal (100).