Serenity Insurance Darts League

C.C.Bees  v  Mind the Gap

A slightly weakened Gap outfit was too strong for the Bees, themselves suffering from absenteeism. Despite this there were still a couple of outstanding performances from both sides. Although a “whitewash” , Dave Jennings proved his POTM accolade worthy with an effort to include 85, 95, 4×100 and a 180, but not one winning leg. Bad luck D.J. it can only get better. Strong scoring from Gap’s Paul Moody, 3×100, Che Liam 2×100, 140 and 2 outs, Carlos Escansiano, 2×100, 139 and Darren Sanderson, 3×100 and 3 outs, one a T20,S16,D20 (116), for POTM.

Tipsy Toad Tiaras  v  Hub Hyenas

Bob Taylor returned from his UK sabbatical this week, meriting his POTM award for some very consistent scoring and a couple of doubles thrown in. Mark Ellis continued his impressive form with, 5×100, 147, but a trifle fortunate in his singles against Lisa Ivill. Secret Agent Dario Sierra weighed in with 3×100, and 4×80+. The Tiaras were below par this week, the exception Wendy Hayward, taking the opening singles with a 2 dart out, plus 108, 130. Last game of the night featured Simone de Lacy versus Paul Durrant for the unofficial “Committee Cup”, the latter eventually coming out on top, just as the Toad closed. Hayward – POTM

POTM at the Hub. Wendy Hayward -Bob Taylor.

Freakie Taverners  v  C.K.1 Lads.

Visitors Lads, raced to a 1-5 half time lead, the highlight a Les Adams exhibition in his pairs with Kevin Wood. Scores of 140,123,137 and a 32 finish, from Adams, partner Wood managing the balance. Freakies victory in the 2nd triples, via Groa Bryndis on D3. Adams 100, made it 6 and a point for Lads, Steve Mullen D12 taking the match.

POTM at Freakies, Les Adams and Mitch Halliday

Mitch Halliday D19, edging out Steve Monk-Dalton for Freakies 2nd point. Ricky McCarthy wrapped up the match against Sharon Frain 81,81, with a ton and superb bull finish needing 68, adding to earlier scores of 2×100,121.  POTM – Halliday  –  Adams.

Ricky McCarthy – Bull finish

Milos  v  Pint Depot Queens

The score reads a rout, but several games could have gone the other way, denoted by the 6 finishes on D1, 5 of which came in the 1st half. Could easily have been a different scoreline. Alejandro Alcazar enjoyed the best finish of the night on 62, his favoured double, Tops. lt didn’t however earn him the POTM, that went to Javi de Gea with 81, 3×100, 125 and 2 outs. Raul Rocamora contributing 81,81,85,96,2×100. Marie Cummins top scored for Depot gaining POTM.

C.K.1 Ladybirds  v  Dominos Desperados

Despos suffered their 2nd defeat in two days, losing on Tuesday in their rearranged game with Milos. This match was however a lot closer, the result only determined in the 12th leg. Birds Sue Christie, with the match winning honours against a tough opponent in Ray Hayes, earlier scoring 100,133. The singles were shared, the game really won in the 1st half, Birds 4-2 up at half time. Skipper Steve Harding was Despo’s anchorman, but Paul Chick walked away with the POTM. A steady Sue Cam won Despo’s POTM, Sharon O’Rourke not far behind.

Angels Delights  v  El Capitan

Not the easiest of opening matches for the Angels, last week the Tipsy Toppers and this week former champions El Cap. lt should get easier Winnie. A smattering of big scores is not what’s required when facing the Caps, that’s really all the visitors faced. Sue Frew and Sharon Williams put on a decent show in the pairs, with scores of 95,85,100 but insufficient when the opposition is Chris Logan and Arold Klimonis. Williams hitting a further ton in her singles, this time facing POTM – Olly Walker, 100,135,120, D5.

Ben Kernahan helped himself to 100,121,117, during proceedings, Ed Klimonis very steady with 2×80+, 2×100,121. A sound showing from the Caps, it will be a very strong division 1 in March ’23.  Angels POTM – Winnie McKay.