The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has suspended his official agenda after testing positive for Covid. The head of the Executive and general secretary of the PSOE, who has been vaccinated, was scheduled to travel to Barcelona on Sunday to visit the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and attend the PSC Rose Festival in Gavá. The medical services of La Moncloa confirmed his positive for Covid this morning after having travelled to New York and Valencia last week.

In addition to the events that he was going to attend this Sunday in Catalonia, Sánchez’s agenda will also be compromised in the coming days. On Tuesday, after presiding over the Council of Ministers from which he was absent last week, he was going to participate in a tribute ceremony organised by his party to the writer Almudena Grandes at the Madrid Athenaeum. On Wednesday, after not having attended last week either, he had to go to Congress to submit to the government control session.

Sánchez himself, through Twitter, communicated that he would not be able to attend the commitments he had made in Barcelona and Gavá for having tested positive. “This morning I tested positive for Covid19. I will not be able to be today with Salvador Illa and all the colleagues from the PSC in Gavà. I will continue to work taking extreme precautions », he has affirmed.

The intention, according to sources close to him, is that over the next few days he will continue to carry out his activity as president, but from an isolated area of ​​the Palacio de La Moncloa, with as little contact as possible with the rest of the employees of the presidential complex.

During the more than two and a half years since the pandemic broke out in Spain, there had been speculation, on different occasions, about whether or not Pedro Sánchez had caught the disease and it had not been reported. And it is that his closest entourage, such as Begoña Gómez , his mother, his father-in-law and a large part of his most direct collaborators -such as former vice president Carmen Calvo and his personal doctor- became infected while having direct contact with him.