The “boom” of photovoltaic plants and self-consumption facilities for domestic, public and industrial supply is slowing down in the province of Alicante due to the lack of qualified engineers

The Provincial Association of Companies in the Energy Sector of Alicante (Asener) has said that the number of installers and assemblers that are currently needed in order to cover all the potential development projects in the interior and on the Alicante coast is over 1000, or which they are only able to fill 500.

The rise in electricity and gas bills and the instability of the energy market due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered the commitment to renewable energies among businessmen, families and even the Public Administration. This is a situation that has exponentially multiplied the orders to the installation companies that are being overwhelmed with waiting lists that they cannot meet.

The companies cannot find assemblers or installers with knowledge of solar plants. This is according to the president of Asener, Fernando Amat Guarinos as a result of which many of these companies, both national and multinational, are trying to recruit future workers by offering them advantageous conditions at Vocational Training institutes