A poem dedicated to the life of the brilliant & effervescent Dame Deborah James, aka ‘Bowelbabe’

A smile to light the Universe
A heart as big as the Sun
Her diagnosis terminal
Her battle had begun

But nothing seemed to phase her
She always wore that smile
Through a harsh array of treatments
She just conquered them with style

Five years of strong endurance
Till her body said ‘no more’
She knew her time was at an end
And what her fight was for

To show the world she’d lived her life
With passion and with grace
And to help so many people
Put that smile upon their face

To show them that embarrassment
Could shorten all their days
That doctors are all there to help
In many different ways

To guide them and to treat them
And to save each precious life
And not to fear the outcome
Even if they need the knife

Her charisma and her countenance
Her love for life and care
Raised money in the millions
Whilst her health was in despair

A pioneer of happiness
Despite recurrent pain
Her work to raise awareness
Overwhelmed to be a  ‘Dame’

A brilliant wife and mother
With a world of love to give
Had realized her time was up
With no more life to live

Deserving of a miracle
Prayers could not grant this time
She still showed everybody
Life has many walls to climb

Surrounded by her family
She faced her fate with pride
With those who meant so much to her
All gathered by her side

God only takes those worthy
Those one’s who’ve earned their wings
The people who have proved that love’s
A power of all things

Those too who do so much on Earth
Albeit just a while
Especially like Deborah did
With her ever present smile.