• ‘Minister Teresa Ribera asked to carry out work in the Rambla de Albujón, to prevent, as now, 1,000 litres of fresh water with nitrates being poured every second’

The Prosecutor’s Office has initiated an investigation into the latest account of dead fish in the Mar Menor.

Chief prosecutor of the Superior Court of the Region of Murcia, José Luis Díaz Manzanera, said: “The department has opened an ex officio investigation, to clarify the recent episode of dead fish in the Mar Menor.”

The latest dead fish scandal occured in Santiago de la Ribera, amid the pollution of the Mar Menor: “The Prosecutor’s Office is on top of the issue and, for now, it is waiting for the relevant reports from Seprona, the General Directorate of the Environment and environmental agents.

“If this fact derived criminal responsibilities and, fundamentally, which is the most complicated, possible perpetrators, in that case there is no doubt that the Prosecutor’s Office would continue with the process as long as necessary,” he said.

Imida technicians are continuing to monitor the lagoon after detecting low oxygen levels – hypoxia – at four points in the Las Lomas area, in the municipality of San Javier, equivalent to 0.41 hectares.

The average oxygen value is 3.84 milligrams per litre, with maximums of 6.65 and minimums of 0.16, in areas between 20 and 30 centimetres deep, according to sources from the Ministry of Water, Agriculture and Environment.

Measurements, undertaken between Mar de Cristal and Villas Caravaning had a total of 43 points, showing more favourable data than that previously recorded, following the area being affected by hypoxia covering three hectares.

The data in La Ribera have offered normal results.

The regional president, Fernando López Miras, said: “The episodes of mass mortality of fish in the Mar Menor, due to anoxia, will surely be repeated throughout the summer.

“I ask the Minister Teresa Ribera to carry out the work in the Rambla de Albujón, which would prevent, as now, 1,000 litres of fresh water with nitrates from being poured every second.

“The situation is very worrying and, in fact, we have spent two months since the Scientific Committee that advises the regional government warning the central Executive of these circumstances.

“Scientists warn that these episodes can be repeated, that they will surely be repeated. Ribera should fulfill the commitment that it acquired to tender the works, to renew the drive in the Rambla del Albujón.”