Officers from the Guardia Civil arrested a 30-year-old Spanish man allegedly accused of 13 crimes of robbery with force for stealing money from the change boxes of different laundries and car wash establishments in the town of Callosa de Segura.

The man is also charged with a crime of robbery with force inside a vehicle, a crime of theft, a crime of animal abuse, a crime of damage and a crime of resistance and disobedience to law enforcement officials.

Following the complaints filed by the owners of the affected businesses and given the social alarm caused in the municipality, officers from the Callosa de Segura Guardia Civil began their investigations. In order to locate the author and after a study of the evidence obtained, it was possible to determine that the crimes were being committed by the same person, a male repeat offender and with an extensive criminal history.

The modus operandi used was the same since on all occasions. He accessed the laundries, usually during the day, and subtracted the collection from the boxes where the money collected by the machines is deposited, including other objects found in the establishments.

In addition to the social repercussion generated by the short period of time in which the robberies were committed, between February 17 and April 19, the events that are the subject of the complaint have greatly concerned the owners of the businesses since they have caused a great economic loss that is difficult to account for as it is the daily collection. Specifically, one of the victims has had to temporarily close her business due to the economic damage, as well as the material damage suffered that needs repair.

That is why the officers made a special effort to secure these establishments. Thus, and thanks to citizen collaboration, on April 10 they were notified of another robbery, for which a uniformed patrol appeared at the scene. After a chase, in which the alleged perpetrator put up great resistance, he was arrested.

At that moment, the officers discovered that inside the backpack he was carrying there was an injured fighting rooster. For this reason, they quickly proceeded to notify the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA) of Orihuela, which, after checking the physical condition of the animal, handed it over to the animal shelter for its care and recovery. For this fact, he has been charged with a crime of animal abuse.

Finally, the detainee, together with the proceedings carried out, was placed at the disposal of the Orihuela Court, who decreed his release with charges.

The man in question, who accumulates a large number of crimes against property, after going to court and being released with charges, was arrested on two more occasions. The Guardia Civil of Callosa de Segura arrested him on April 15 and 19 as allegedly responsible for three crimes of robbery with force in two laundries and a parking meter. After being brought to justice, the Orihuela Court ordered his release with charges.