Division 1

El Capitan  v  Dannys Bar

The Caps sealed 2nd place, but only on leg difference, after an excellent home victory this week. Dannys edged Caps in the scoring department in the 1st half, but still found themselves 4-2 down. Doubles from Arold K, Chris Logan, Olly Walker and Ed Klimonis, countered with outs from Lesley Lumb and Rob Norbury. Top scores from Andres Liamazares 100,140, Ed K. 121 and Alan Walker 139,140, Bob Smith 121.

Steve Collins enjoyed a fine 1-2 victory over ” Liama ” that included a 115 out from the Cap. The next 3 wins from Arold K, 3×100,140, Chris Logan, 2×100, 116, 140, Vycka Bobinas 2×100 sealed the match, all 2-0. The remaining 2 were 3 leggers, Ed K 100,123,140,180, nudging out Smith 2×100,2×140 and Olly W. 140 closing the match, opponent Steve Lumb enjoying a 108 out on the bull. Ed K – MOTM.

C.C.’s Flyers  v  Mind the Gap

Gap came very close to defeat in this one, Flyers 5-4 up with 3 to play, the resulting defeat meant 4th spot for the hosts, a draw would have secured runners up. A total of 49 tons, Flyers claiming 26, illustrates how close this game was. Matt Smith was on fire in the 1st half, 100, 120,3×140 and 2 outs, one on 99. The other finish from Jesus Madrid on 151. Gordon Cowan 129,140, D10, Carlos Escansiano 121, D2 and James Brown 2×100, 121,140 and an 80 out, made it all square at the break.

Dougie Adkins got the better of Esco, the 3 legs containing 11 tons or more, Sam Salt finding D10 twice to level at 4 apiece. Smith added 2×100,125, 2×140, in his victory over Bliss Wright. The match poised at 5-4 in favour of the hosts, my money would have been on at least a draw. And that’s why i’m penniless as Gap reeled off the remaining 3 courtesy of  Darren Sanderson 2×100,140, Brown, 100,2×140,180 and Cowan 140, all 0-2 results. MOTM – Jesus Madrid – Brown.

Ale House Lads  v  Milos

The 1st 6 legs were shared, high scores more or less even, Dale McGuiness a tasty 19,12 ,bull finish the best of the bunch. Dario Sierra 100,140,D4 and Graham White gave the Lads their 3 wins, Javi de Gea 101, 100, 140, D2,D4 and Rory Byrne D4, for Milos.

Karin Garcia 2×100,125 and Raul Rocamora, both 3 leg winners gave the visitors a 3-5 advantage. Sierra reduced the deficit, Fabian Alcocer taking Milos to 6 and at least a draw. De Gea 100,125,140 just edged Andre Wing 2×100,116, 2×140 in a tight 3 leg encounter, the points now in the Milos bag. McGuiness 100,121,133,140 concluded the the match using D8 twice. MOTM – McGuiness – Byrne.

Hub Hyenas  v  Tipsy Toad Toppers

Lee Maiden deservedly earned yet another Toppers  MOTM with a fine scoring display to include 6×100, 125, 126, 140, plus the singles defeat of Hyenas MOTM John Rodford himself nailing 5×100,140. Notable other Hub scores Dylan Fitzsimmons 100, 2×121,180 and to go with his maxi a 3.

Unusual to say the least, a minimum and maximum in the same game. Hub racked up a creditable 20+ tons or more, but with the exception of Maiden it wasn’t the best of perfomances from Toppers. l do however hear a couple of additions for next season..Watch out the Gap.

Division 2

Wee Rock Horrors  v  Domino’s Desperados

Horrors secured the Division 2 championship with this victory over Despos.  lt took just 8 legs for the 7 required, Adrian Coates finding the match winner and a couple of tons to boot. The 1st half was dominated by Horrors, Despos nicking the 3rd pairs before half time via Ben Kernahan. Rock’s 5 legs shared by Coates, Billy Dolling and Graham Solomans.

Solomans D2 gained the vital 6th leg, Coates the 7th, Andy Forrest and Dolling increasing the total to 9. Despo’s  Kernahan and Ash Panchal, doubling out for the last 2 ties. MOTM – Susan Frew – Paul Chick.

Angel’s Delight  v  Pint Depot Queens

Congratulations to the Queens, they saved the best till last, gaining their 1st point of the season at the very last opportunity. At 6-3 down, the Royals must have thought it was to be a pointless campaign, but no, the 3 cavaliers came to the rescue in the guise of Maggie Morgan D2, Marie Cummins D20 ( and MOTM ) Lorraine Cox D1, for a magnificent draw and shared points. Nikki Dean won the Angels MOTM outing in a triple, doubles and a showboat D7,D5 single. Sharon Williams D4, Maria Ross D2 and Dean giving the Angels their 6-3 lead.

Freakie Taverners  v  Boris Bears

The draw was enough for the Taverners to take 2nd place in Div.2, a win required from Bears to overtake Freakies. Unsurprisingly both halves were shared Ernie Wills 113, D8 and a 53 out, Groa Bryndis a D3 for the hosts, Barry Shingler D1 and a 52 out, Mike Fellows D2 for the Bears.

Bryan Livsey 100,D10, Wills D13 and John Bowden a super T16, D20 out, got the hosts to 6 legs, Yvonne Rouffignac D20, Shingler D1 and a match saving D1 from Kain Hickman, concluded the singles and match.

MOTM – Wills – Shingler

Tipsy Toad Tiaras  v  Hub Hellraisers

MOTM Sue Spiers

Tiaras welcomed just 5 loan Raisers this week,  looking good in their red top -black bottom combos.  The first triples saw darts flying all over the place from both teams, with shocking scores and a slow progress from 701.  A few glimmers from Cheryl McGlynn (83, 84) but Princess Elizabeth Cowan (D2) started the Tiaras on their way.

Better scoring in the next from Tiara Rhianna Marshall and Hell-of-a girl Sue Spiers (117) but Pat Schofield got the Tiaras their 2nd, all be it against only 2 players. Sue Spiers (115, 80, 7-D16) got the guests their first point in the 3rd.

The Tiaras took the next on the Trott despite a very notable effort from Carol Peace (92, 86, 84) who took on 2 Tiaras in the 3rd pairs and very nearly beat them on her lonesome.  Alison Scammell got the only other leg for the ladies in red, with 3-D17 against a lack-lustre Simone de Lacy.  Lisa Ivill and Elizabeth helped themselves to the last 2 points to bring the score to 10-2.

The scoring came more from the Hellraisers, but it’s the finishing that gets the points and the Tiaras outshone on this occasion. MOTM Pat Scofield, Sue Spiers.