The Guardia Civil has seized a Dressel 7-11 type high-imperial amphora, probably dated to the 1st century AD, in a private home in Santa Pola. The ceramic piece is apparently in perfect condition.

The Territorial Team of the Santa Pola Judicial Police (ETPJ) recovered the piece of high archaeological value by chance, while it was carrying out its own investigation work.

The agents, who were at an address in the town, noticed the existence of the amphora in a part of the house and, considering the possibility that it had a great patrimonial value, it was required to be handed over in order to carry out procedures that confirm its authenticity and provenance.

A relative who was in the place, collaborated at all times with the investigating agents and delivered the find. He himself said he was unaware of its existence, much less, that it had archaeological interest.

After this finding of significant importance, the ETPJ of Santa Pola, contacted the people in charge of the Santa Pola Sea Museum in order for the expert archaeologists to carry out its identification. Said analysis determined the origin of the historical piece, which was a High Imperial amphora of the Dressel 7-11 type.

As a consequence, the Guardia Civil delivered the piece to the museum, ensuring at all times that it enjoy the maximum guarantees of security and care in its transfer. Likewise, the Santa Pola Sea Museum officially notified the archaeological find to the Territorial Directorate of Culture of Alicante, a territorial body of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana in charge of ruling on the definitive deposit of the piece in the museum.

The Guardia Civil pointed out that archaeological pieces, such as objects that make up the Historical Heritage, are considered as public domain assets, owned by the Administration.

For this reason, any discovery or possession must be reported. Therefore, its commercialisation is prohibited and the lack of validity of any transaction or legal business of any piece considered to be of high historical value is reported.