Officers from the National Police have arrested two people on suspicion of a crime against public health, for being in possession of an “indoor” crop that housed a plantation with 1,100 marijuana plants in a house in Elche.

The Local Police and Fire Department had intervened in a fire in an apparently unoccupied country house. Whilst extinguishing the flames, the emergency services noticed a strong smell, which made them suspect that inside the property there could be some type of illegal cultivation.

Moments later, they discovered an indoor marijuana plantation inside the house with more than 1,250 plants in different stages of growth and flowering.

The Narcotics Group of the Judicial Police Brigade of the Elche Police Station took charge of the case, and after a laborious investigation proceeded with the identification, location and subsequent arrest of the two alleged perpetrators of the plantation for a crime against public health.

The detainees, both of Spanish nationality and aged 26 and 28, were placed at the disposal of the Elche Court.