Selling your property in Spain with furniture?


When selling a furnished resale property, I like to keep things simple. Know what you’re including in the sale upfront before you’ve even found a buyer. By creating an inventory list of the furniture you will be including in the sale, before placing your property on the market will mean there’s nothing to dispute later.

Written lists can’t be disputed. If it’s in black and white, there’s nothing to question.

Picture this; without an inventory list, you could say to the buyer you’re leaving the property fully furnished apart from personal belongings. So, how would you interpret personal belongings? Is a dining table and chairs something personal? Or maybe a bed is? Was the dining table and chairs a gift? Is being a gift what makes it personal to you? Without a written inventory list to give the buyer, leaves you too open for discussion and unpleasantness.

Be sure your buyers Lawyer has a copy of your inventory list too. Lawyers like to hold money back if you agreed to leave furniture and there are missing items on the day of completion, to compensate the buyer.

Selling a resale home here on the Costa Blanca as “unfurnished,” is still customary to include all white goods, i.e. fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. together with all light fittings and/or ceiling fans. The same goes for window coverings too. If you’re not including these items in your sale, you need to make it crystal clear to the buyer upfront.

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Rebecca Serwotka
Rebecca Serwotka
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