Gambling has quickly become one of the most prevalent activities to accompany any type of sport. Additionally, with several states—such as Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, and much more—legalizing sports gambling, this particular hobby is only becoming more popular with time.

With this being said, there are still many individuals who have just begun testing the waters for sports betting and have to induce plenty of research and informational study to understand the dynamics of the art.

Football has become America’s sport. It is said to be the most beloved sport in the country and continues to grow in fame each year. The NFL rules Sunday television like no other event. From fans to amateur players, young kids, and adults, the game is scoring big points in every home.

There are many unknown terminologies that may confuse first-time bettors, such as NFL picks against the spread. Below, you can find well-administered answers to some basic questions that will offer fundamental betting insight to the NFL season.

Terms You Need To Know In NFL Betting

The Point Spread

When betting on an NFL game, you will need to learn how point NFL spreads are actually put together and presented to the public. Comprehending this method is a vital component of betting. A person who places the line or NFL point spreads is known as an oddsmaker and always places an opening line. This is a number that the individual believes is the most appropriate value that will generate a similar response from bettors on opposite sides.

The people who decide these numbers are trained professionals that examine every aspect of the game or event and are usually keen sense when setting a number to get money from every side. They take into account various statistics, courses, and other circumstances to assist in generating a line.

Oddsmakers also understand that people love to bet on their favorites. For example, the New England Patriots typically receive much admiration, so oddsmakers will push the line up with a few points in their favor acknowledging they will receive money on their side.

Each game will further hold an NFL over under total. This is the total number of points the game is restricted to have by both teams to score an NFL over under wins.


Moneylines, short “ML”, is the NFL odds set for downright winning the game. A lot of bettors are simply looking for a clear-cut answer, either winner or the loser and this is where the money line comes into play.

For example, if the Patriots are at -500 to win the game that means that you need to put down $500 to win $100. Everything is rationed at 1-to-5 odds. If you put down $100, you will get back $20 as winning.

However, if the Dolphins are set at +425, this means that you will put down $100 to win $425. Here the odds are 4.25-to-1.

Parlays and Teasers

Many bettors are in it to win big money by playing parlays. A parlay is a mixture of two or more bets where every one of the players has to win big money. The more point spreads played, the longer the odds are. This also means more money to be won.

Another type of well-known bet is a teaser. A teaser suggests you can play two or more games by modifying the lines. Most teasers also allow bettors to change the point spread 6-7 points, but there is also room to get more creative and improve it more in advanced options.

Futures and Props Bets

Before the season starts, bettors will be able to see futures bets, which represent an individual team or player’s success for the upcoming season. Examples of futures bets are “Odds to win the Super Bowl” and “Odds to Win the AFC Championship.”

Typically, bettors search for value in futures bets to play the value. For example, if they prefer the Packers to win the Super Bowl and their odds are set +2200, or 22-1, they will bet on them. This means if they place a bet of $100 on the Packers and they win the Super Bowl, they will win $3,300.

Control Your Bankroll

Beginner bettors should always be wary of their bank accounts. It is helpful to begin with a considerate amount but never play with more than 20-25% of your balance. Keep the larger sums of bets for when you start to win. As you win more, you can start to place larger bets and then build a substantial balance.


Always keep in mind to never follow your losses or attempt to make up for lost wins with just one bet.

Be cautious with handling your money and focus on learning the process first. Always be financially smart and aware and accept that you may lose at times. Gambling is an art with its ups and downs, and you will have to strive through the various features in order to start understanding the components.

Get more insights into NFL betting and odds before you kick off your first bet!

Do your homework, do not get too emotionally attached, and have fun.