By Andrew Atkinson

Alicante Gastronómica will host the XIV Spanish Championship of Tortilla de Patatas Trophy Tescoma, a contest created by the renowned gastronomic critic Rafael García Santos.

The competition with the ‘Ace of Coins’ of Spanish cuisine, as García Santos likes to define the potato omelette, will be the main course of the first day of the fair, on September 24, when 10 restaurateurs from all over Spain will submit their creations to be judged, headed by the San Sebastian critic and Quique Dacosta (3 Michelin stars), Kiko Moya (2 Michelin stars), Fran Martínez de ‘Maralba’ (2 Michelin stars), Paco Torreblanca, José Gómez ‘Joselito’, Pepa Fernández (RNE) and José Ribagorda (T5).

The president of Alicante Gastronomica, Carlos Baño, said: “By holding this event we want to recover the recognised and prestigious Spanish Championship of Potato Tortilla organised by Rafael García Santos during thirteen successful editions, in San Sebastián and later in Alicante.

“In this third edition of Alicante Gastronomica the contest will occupy a leading place in the Fair program, as such a dish as the potato omelette deserves, a hallmark of our country.

“This land and our gastronomy owes a lot to this revolutionary genius Garcia Santos who has taken our Spanish chefs to the highest level.

From restaurants with a Michelin star, to bars, to wineries, to the best product, and of course, to the most popular dishes such as the potato omelette ”.

The participants, a total of 10 who have been previously selected by the jury, will have one hour to prepare their tortillas using the ingredients that they best consider and with which their tortillas are characterised and recognised.

Each participant must prepare around 6-8 servings for tasting by the jury, as well as for presentation to the public.

More than 250 exhibitors at Alicante Gastronómica is the most important experiential gastronomic fair in Spain.

An open event, which transcends the traditional concept of a professional fair, whose main objective is to bring haute cuisine to the public, as well as the producers and their products, the traditions and the hospitality of our Community.


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