The Orihuela Public Health Centre has detected a Covid-19 outbreak related to citizens who attended a party on June 5 at the Noisse nightclub in Torrevieja.
After the first results of the contact study carried out and with the aim of expanding said study, as well as preventing and ruling out possible cases of covid-19, the Orihuela Public Health Centre, with the collaboration of the Torrevieja City Council, recommends to all the people who had been at the Noisse Nightclub on the aforementioned Saturday, June 5, to contact the La Loma Health Centre on the telephones: 696585225 and 683582595, Saturday the 12th, from 9am to 9pm and Sunday 13, from 9am to 2pm so that they can be programmed and perform the corresponding diagnostic test.
Jose Gabriel Cano Montoro
Director of the Orihuela Public Health Centre 
C / Cardenal Desprades, 7 03300 Orihuela
Tel: 966904770 Fax: 966904771

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