As the cumulative incidence drops to 53 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants, the constant fall in infections from covid in the Torrevieja health area since the beginning of February has led to a situation at the Torrevieja University Hospital that has not occurred since the end of May last year; the hospital is treating just one patient in ICU and one on the wards, who are suffering with coronavirus.

At one point, on January 3, it reached 140 patients on the wards, with 24 critically ill in the ICU. This figure did not include the patients who were being treated by the Quirón private Hospital during that period.

In the first week of March there were 68 cases notified by the Department of Public Health, which has fallen to only 29 in the second week of the month.

Meanwhile the accumulated incidence over the last 14 days has fallen from 77 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 52, on the verge of the threshold of fifty where the situation is considered to be low risk.

In the most acute phase of the third wave, throughout the month of January, the Torrevieja authority registered more than a thousand cases for several weeks, close to 1,300 in the last seven days of January, while the accumulated incidence was more than 1,500 per one hundred thousand residents, reaching more than 2,000 in some municipalities, such as San Miguel de Salinas.

However, the health authority’s management company, Ribera Salud, has remarked how the situation can change abruptly in a just few days, as it looks ahead with some concern to what may happen after the San José and Easter long weekends, because the holiday periods will always generate, despite the restrictions, mobility, especially in the case of Madrilenians with secondary homes in the area, which will lead to a multitude of new cases.