With a large number of coronavirus patients still suffering from the effects of the virus long after they have been cleared of the actual infection the Ministry of Health is adding qualified physiotherapists to the staff of hospitals in the province to deal with the aftermaths that many continue to experience.

Many months after their illness patients are still dealing with neurological, respiratory and musculoskeletal problems, as well as the feeling of constant fatigue or suffocation and weakness in various muscles of the body, leading to the reduction of their daily tasks.

All these pathologies are treated in the Rehabilitation Unit, by specialists and physiotherapists, a group that is seeing an increase in its staff in the province’s public hospitals.

Alcoy Hospital will increase by three physios, the same number as the Marina Baixa and the Sant Joan d’Alacant Hospitals. Elda and Orihuela will both have 5 additional staff, while the two generals, Alicante and Elche will increase their staff by 7 and 4 physiotherapists, respectively.

Dr. Camila Maciá, head of the Rehabilitation Service explains that rehabilitation most prescribed “is at the musculoskeletal level, and active exercise, which helps them to regain control of the trunk. It is about recovering mobility and strength.”

She said that covid has shown that we are an essential service which helps with their rehabilitation, following what, in most cases, has been the most terrifying situation.