The controversial parade of the 3 Kings in Valencia City cost the taxpayer more than 39,000 euros.

The PP denounces that it was also paid in three separate contracts confirmed the day before the celebration

The controversial Three Kings parade organised by the Valencia City Council, which caused large crowds to gather in the city centre, cost more than 39,000 euros.

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It was paid, according to the PP, in three separate contracts which were confirmed just the day before the celebration.

Two of the contracts were arranged by the Party Department headed by Carlos Galiana, both signed at the top of the limit of what is legally allowed to ensure it is a minor contract, and the third, which was the smallest amount, by councillor Luisa Notario.

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This has been slammed by the PP, whose spokesperson, María José Catalá, criticised the City Council for ignoring all of the health regulations introduced as a result of COVID 19, with the arrival of the Three Kings and their entourage, in three buses at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which caused the accumulation of hundreds of families.

Catalá has demanded that the coalition Compromis/PSOE council “assume responsibility for the irresponsible parade of the Kings” while accusing council leader Joan Ribó “of hiding and not showing his face following a very serious lack of judgement, when administrations should be exemplary in complying with the sanitary measures, and even more so on the day that decreed the closure of even more municipalities in the Community, together with a reduction in the hours of hospitality and more restrictive measures for trade”.

She accused Ribó and the PSOE, of concentrating their efforts on incidentals, when they should be working to help the self-employed, SMEs, businesses and hoteliers.