Only weeks before it is scheduled to be rolled out, a study by the Generalitat reveals that acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine is improving week by week, coinciding with the increase in information about the vaccines and the immunisation program, with consent rising between 7 and 14% in the last month.

This is revealed in a survey carried out by the ‘Data Science for Covid-19 Working Group’ of the Generalitat Valenciana, led by Nuria Oliver.

Recommended by the health authorities in Spain, but not mandatory, everything indicates that acceptance is gradually increasing in all age groups, but especially among older people.

The study shows that the majority of men who are over sixty years of age are the most likely to be vaccinated against covid, currently 55%, a figure that has been improving week after week, increasing from the 41% that it was following the 23 October study.

The next group likely to join the line (43%) is made up of middle-aged men (30 to 59 years, while for men under 30 years of age, 41% show a favourable attitude towards immunisation.

And it seems to be that men are, by far, the population sector that is more favourably inclined to receive the vaccine.

The survey shows that amongst women, just 39% of those over 60 years of age, perhaps the age range that is most vulnerable to the virus, will agree to be vaccinated, but as far as the remainder are concerned just 30% of women across all age ranges will voluntarily agree to be immunised.