Mojácar Council is busy working on five new projects in the town, all  financed through Almería Provincial Council’s ‘Programa Coopera’ which is  open to municipalities across the province within their overall ‘Plan Almería.’

The specific works in Mojácar include; the paving and repair of steps in  Calle “Sal si Podemos”, the repair of pedestrian paths and walkways around  the Parque Comercial, improvements to the paving at Plaza Rey Alabez by the  town nursery and finally, enhancements to the La Mata paddle tennis courts.

The works are due to be completed before the end of this year with a  60,000 Euro contribution from the ‘Programa Coopera’, which helps with  various town projects, often utilizing micro businesses and self-employed  workers.

Almería Provincial Council has also approved Mojácar’s application to  bid for some of their other grants on offer, such as the ‘Programa Cerca’ and ‘Programa Acelera’.

The ‘Programa Cerca’ is offering financial support to towns facing added  expenses derived from the current crisis, either in their purchase of hygienic sanitary materials or disinfection work. As part of this funding, Mojácar Council  is set to receive 12,000 Euros. An additional bid for 40,000 Euros of ‘Almería  Plan’ funds is also in the approval phase, which if successful, would be targeted at  road and street safety by improving accessibility and eliminating obstructions.  Pavements and pedestrian crossings would also be modified, with a particular  focus on adaptions to assist those with reduced mobility.