This year has been one of the strangest for all of us at different levels.  I think one thing that has been a common thread for many though is staying on track when it comes to eating, drinking and exercise.  As someone who exercises every day, lock down was a challenge.  To only be able to walk for 25 paces up and down the deck was more to do with my mindset than with my physical self.  It was a “well this is better than nothing”.

My parents are bowlers so for them to be cooped up and not be able to enjoy their sport and see the end of their season slowly slip away without completion was frustrating.  At least I had a physical outlet, they didn’t and it was easy to sit on the sofa and not move except to make the next cup of tea and maybe a biscuit or two.

There began the slippery slope of losing good habits and a few naughty ones crept in.  For me, my evening 1 glass of red wine – a health benefit after all, became 2.

It is so easy for this sort of thing to creep up on us and before we know it our waist bands feel a little tighter.  The annoying thing it is so easy to slip this way but so much more effort to reverse it!

Our household has made a start to regain those good habits while not denying ourselves or feeling restricted. Here I’d like to share a few ideas in the hope they help you get back on your wagon!

  • Smaller plate: super easy one! Using a smaller plate fills your eyes up and it looks like you have got more! An easy trick to not eat as big a portion.  Eating slower is also something to try as it gives your body a chance to register feeling full.
  • Add more vegetables to your plate which will fill you up and the choice here in Spain is amazing. Add some herbs to them to give more “Vavavoom!”.  Look out for a new workshop coming your way for some fab ideas on easy recipes – contact me on for more information.
  • Remember those extra biscuits with the cup of tea? Or the boredom snack?  They don’t have to be high calorie ones but can easily be replaced with healthy sweet treats that satisfy!
  • Movement is my career and one of my passions, so this is so easy for me to keep going. I appreciate it is not everyone’s so put on some music and stamp your feet and move your arms while waiting for the kettle to boil.  Set an alarm to get out the chair and walk about the room.  Add a little bit here and there whenever you can – it all adds up.
  • Lastly reduce alcohol intake! This is my achilles heel! So for me I need to have a glass of water on hand all the time and aim to sip it as well as my wine!

I hope one of these tips will assist you to regain some of the better habits that might have gone awry during these crazy times.  It has been stressful for us all and likely to for a while. Be kind to yourself and if you feel it is a bit much, try some Reiki or Mindful Art with us. I look forward to welcoming you to our workshop series coming up soon that will give you heaps more tips for wellbeing.

Workshops will be held in the Torrevieja area, will last around 3 hours and cost 15 euro per person. We’ll send you off with scrumptious recipes or simple exercise routines to include in your day. A great way to meet more people here, have some fun and learn a new skill.