• Valencia is one of the Autonomous Communities where unemployment grows the most

The month of August left a significant increase in the number of unemployed people in the Valencian Community. During the month, a total of 5,694 people registered in the Valencian employment offices, raising the number of unemployed to 440,708.

The data, provided by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy, was made public this Wednesday.

By provinces, unemployment in Valencia it grew by 3,163 people (1.48% more), in Alicante it increased by 2,124 people (1.20% more) and in Castellón the figure grew by 407 people (0.90% more).

At the national level, the number of unemployed people has increased by 29,780 people (0.79%) in the month of August, compared to the previous month. The total number of registered unemployed is 3,802,814.

The least affected sector is agriculture, where it fell by 13,523 (-6.61%) people, whereby the main increase was in the Services industry, with 20,216 (0.76%) more people due, largely to the mobility restrictions determined by the main tourism-emitting countries in the Spanish market.

In Construction there was an increase of 7,983 (2.68%) and Industry recorded 2,981 (0.96%) more unemployed. Those people without previous employment increased by 11,853 (3.78%).

Registered unemployment fell in eight autonomous communities headed by Navarra (-1,078), Cantabria (-763) and Extremadura (-548), while it rose in the remaining nine communities, in Catalonia (11,293), Madrid (6,260) and the Valencian Community (5,694), which account for 78% of the newly unemployed