• They are all outbreaks of social, family origin and related to nightlife

The weekend leaves in its wake 9 new outbreaks and 330 new infections in the Valencian Community, with 8 people in serious condition in the Intensive Care Units of different Valencian hospitals.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health on Monday, while also reporting that 81 people have been admitted to hospitals. Almost half of the cases detected during this weekend correspond to people between 20 and 40 years of age.

The new outbreaks are as follows: 5 in Valencia – of which 3 are social origin and responsible for 15 cases, one in the workplace with 4 cases and another related to nightlife with 11 positive cases, 1 in family-based museum visit with 4 cases, another of a Swedish family of social origin with 7 cases, an eighth outbreak in Alfàs del Pi of social origin with 5 cases and a ninth outbreak in Mislata related to nightlife with 5 positives.

In addition, the Alicante General Hospital has carried out the PCR test on 79 migrants who arrived at the Alicante coast during the weekend. Of all of them, 4 have tested positive for coronavirus and have been isolated in Hospital.

Nursing Homes

This Monday, in addition, a number of nursing homes are a major source of infection with 16 new cases among residents (12) and workers (4), some of them related to the outbreak in a residence in l’Eliana. Despite this, 32 days have passed without deaths due to COVID-19 in Community nursing homes.

There are currently some positive cases in 8 centres: 1 in the province of Castellón, 1 in Alicante and 6 in the province of Valencia. In addition, 2 residences are under active surveillance by sanitary control in the Valencian Community: 0 in the province of Castellón, 0 in Alicante and 2 in the province of Valencia.

New cases

Regarding new cases, since last Friday, 330 new positives have been detected by PCR tests, which place the total number of positives at 12,781 people. 114 of the new cases have been associated with the different outbreaks detected in the Valencian Community.

By province, the number of new cases is: 46 in Castellón (1,780 in total); 68 in the province of Alicante (4,265 in total); 197 in the province of Valencia (6,690 in total) and 19 other unassigned cases that add to 27 previous cases.

A total of 102 discharges have taken place of patients with coronavirus, so the total number of cured now amounts to 18,037 people: 2,564 in Castellón, 5,986 Alicante and 9,486 in Valencia, in addition to 1 in an unassigned case

Valencian hospitals currently have 81 people admitted: 11 in the province of Castellón, with no ICU patients; 17 in the province of Alicante, 3 of them in the ICU; and 53 in the province of Valencia, 5 of them in the ICU.

In the last week there have been no deaths from coronavirus, so the total number of deaths remains at 1,477 people. By provinces: 227 in the province of Castellón, 513 in that of Alicante and 737 in the province of Valencia.