Passiflora – known as the passionflower or passion vines – are a rampant climber, with approximately 550 different species.

An ideal cover to grow in Spain, it will quickly cover a wall or fence with their self-clinging tendrils.

Most passionflowers are evergreen, with dark green leaves that have stunning white and purple flowers.

The flowers bloom for one day, during July through until October, and are best positioned in full sun to partial shade, in gritty well-drained soil, in a warm sheltered spot.

You can grow passionflowers in containers, however, you will need to feed and water, more often. They won’t grow quite as rampant, as those grown in the ground.

Passionflowers are low maintenance and will require pruning after flowering, by cutting back to a healthy bud, to keep them neat and tidy.

If your passionflowers grow unruly and needs retraining, you can cut them back in the spring.

Used by the native Americas as a mild sedative, it is still used for sleep and anxiety problems, for pain, heart rhythm problems and menopausal symptoms.