The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has said that in the next few days a decision will be taken on whether to introduce the obligation to wear face masks in all public spaces, as has been increasingly established in neighbouring communities.

He stated that its use is already mandatory in the Valencian Community on public transport and where the minimum safety distance cannot be respected but the Consell is still evaluating all the options and the possible consequences that this future measure may have.

To questions from the media, Puig said that it is about “balancing” what needs to be done “with health” together with “the economic repercussions”.

He confirmed that a decision will be taken over the next few days on this issue and others that have to do with “capacity” , so as to allow a certain “flexibility” if the use of the mask is adopted.

“We must be aware that the pandemic is still out there,” he added, saying that it is possible to “live” with the virus, “but we all need to ensure that we maintain the utmost prudence and co-responsibility”.

He told the press that 40% of all new infections are occurring in family settings. However, he stressed that Valencians were “extraordinarily responsible” with 92% of citizens complying with state instructions. “I trust the people, and the vast majority are following the recommendations,” he said.

When questioned about the outbreaks in the Valencian Community, Puig confirmed that they are “under control”, although the risk-free society “does not exist”.

The president called for safe distances to be maintained, spaces to be ventilated and “interpersonal distances” to be maintained in the “general interest”.


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