The Civil Guard has launched the online complaints system which now enables members of the public to report a number, but not all, criminal acts.

The e-Complaints form can be accessed from the website link

Reports can be made relating to the loss or the finding of documentation or effects; vehicle theft; theft from vehicle interiors; other thefts (abduction without violence or intimidation) and damages without knowledge of the perpetrator.

At this stage it is not possible to use the form to report crimes in which there has been physical violence to persons or effects for which the author or authors are known.

Once the complaint has been processed through the submission of the e-Complaint, the individual will have three days to go to the Civil Guard Unit to which they are directed, where the complaint will be ratified.

However, if the person wishes to validate the report in a different police station than the one selected, they can do so by providing the reference number shown on the e-Report.

Members of the public who use this method will have preferential attention once they have validated their complaint, to other people who report crimes of the same type. In this way they will avoid unnecessary waiting.


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