• The number of deaths caused by the disease has gone from 28,752 to 26,837 in just 24 hours due to the adjustment of the historical data

On the day in which 22 million Spaniards entered into phase 2 of the de-escalation and the same number move, for the first time, into phase 1, the Ministry of Health has reported that there have been just 132 new coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours, the majority distributed between Catalonia (89) and the Community of Madrid (18) the lowest figure of the entire period of the state of alarm and also since last March 4, when 89 were counted.

The 132 new cases are located in Aragón (two), Asturias (two), Canarias (two), Castilla y León (1), Cataluña (89), Comunidad Valenciana (two), Extremadura (two), Madrid (18), Murcia (six), Navarra (six) and La Rioja (two).

However, it is also striking that the total number of deaths has been reduced by almost 2,000 victims compared to yesterday’s number, going from 28,752 to 26,837 from the disease.

The report justifies the reduction of the data to “the transition to the new surveillance strategy” and alleges that it “could continue to happen for several days”.

During the same press conference, Fernando Simón also announced a further 50 new deaths by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, a figure similar to the trend we have been seeing for the last week.

The deaths are distributed as follows: one in Andalusia, one in Aragon, seven in the Balearic Islands, one in Cantabria, two in Castilla-La Mancha, five in Castilla y León, three in Catalonia, two in Ceuta, six in the Valencian Community, nine in Galicia, three in Madrid, one in the Basque Country and nine in La Rioja.

Comunidad Valencia and Alicante Province

  • The Community breaks the contagion curve with just 7 new cases and 1 death in the last hours
  • New cases of coronavirus are at levels seen during the first week of March

The Valencian Community has reduced the number of new infections to levels seen during the first week of March. According to data provided by Health this Monday, in the last 24 hours only 7 new cases have been registered and one person has died from the virus.

After the 22 new cases on Sunday this new data invites optimism, and the number of discharges also continues its upward trend, already exceeding 11,000 since the start of the pandemic. Since yesterday, a further 144 patients have been discharged.

According to the data provided by Health, this Monday saw 7 new infections distributed as follows by province: 2 in Castellón, 2 in Alicante and 3 in Valencia. The total number of registered positives is 11,080 people.

In the Community hospitals, today 221 people remain hospitalised, 33 of them in the ICU in serious condition. By province, the situation is as follows: 15 in Castellón (5 in the ICU), 67 in Alicante (18 in the ICU) and 139 in Valencia (10 in the ICU).

Since yesterday there has been just one death, a care home resident in Alicante, which brings to 1,413 people who have died in the Valencian Community from coronavirus: 212 in the province of Castellón, 498 in Alicante and 703 in the province of Valencia.

The situation in Community nursing homes, there are still cases in 78 centres, and two people have tested positive since the last update.

The residences most affected are those in the province of Valencia (34), followed by those in Alicante (32) and Castellón (12). Currently, 28 senior centres are under active surveillance of the ministry of health: 8 in the province of Castellón, 7 in the province of Alicante and 13 in the province of Valencia.