• Quote: ‘Only Spanish citizens, or those who can prove they are resident in Spain, allowed to enter Spain through airports, ports or land borders’.

By Andrew Atkinson

The Gibraltarian government has issued a warning to Britons who are planning to fly there in the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown.

“Following the welcome announcement that British Airways will continue flights to Gibraltar on a reduced schedule, passengers should be aware of the following important information regarding this route during the current COVID-19 crisis.

“British travellers, who are not resident in Spain, should not fly to Gibraltar with a view to entering Spain via the land frontier.

“Only Spanish citizens, or those who can prove they are resident in Spain, will be allowed to enter Spain through airports, ports or land borders.

“In order to enter Spain, travellers will be required to show proof of nationality or evidence that they are resident there, such as a residency certificate / card, together with valid travel documents.

“Please be aware that travel to visit a holiday home, which is not a person’s usual residence, will not be permitted.

“Travellers wishing to enter Gibraltar from Spain to fly on to the UK should arrive in Gibraltar on the day of flight departure and make their way straight to the airport terminal, which is adjacent to the land frontier.

“They will need to present evidence of a confirmed flight booking, together with valid travel documents to both the Spanish and Gibraltarian immigration officers.

“Please note that the Gibraltar airport terminal building does not stay open overnight and it is NOT permitted to spend the night there.”

The government of Gibraltar has a social lockdown which came into effect on March 24.

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory which falls within UK legal jurisdiction.

The Chief Minister of Gibraltar Fabian Picardo said: “I know how difficult and frustrating it is for you to be obliged by your own government to remain indoors.

“We are conscious that we are depriving you of the touch and embrace of your loved ones.

“So believe me, when I tell you I am committed to ensuring that these measures should not last a minute longer than necessary.

“The imposition of these controls on your freedom of movement are an indelible scar on my heart. They are a constant strain on my conscience.

“That is why, in Cabinet, we are already seeking to work on appropriate exit strategies to lift the restrictions imposed as soon as possible.”