Horse racing attracts sports betting fans in huge numbers every single year, and through the FanDuel promo code, many sports betting fans are unlocking solid promotions tailored for major horse races in 2020. There’s still a lot of upcoming races on the calendar, so it’s definitely something to think about.

Horse racing betting is also one of the oldest forms of betting on the planet. Rumor has it that the first horse racing bets took place in the UK centuries ago, and now the sport is enjoyed all over the globe.

It takes something special to do well in horse racing, and there are so many factors that will dictate success such as the breeder and the trainer. However, we wanted to give a little credit to the jockeys in this short article, so please read on and enjoy.

Masters of the saddle

1. Paul Townend

Paul Townend absolutely has to come in at number one on this list. Townend sealed back-to-back victories at the Cheltenham Gold Cup this year by riding his horse Al Boum Photo to Victory. Many were highly surprised when Townend rode the same horse to victory in 2019, but given that he has followed it up by raising the trophy again this year, he has shown what a talented jockey he is.

Obviously the Cheltenham Cup is a huge victory to get, but Townend has enjoyed far more success than just this. His total prize money for the 2019/2020 season is well above 1 million euros, which also makes him one of the highest-paid jockeys too. This being said, to get paid this amount of money you have to win the events that you enter, which is something that Townend has proved to be quite handy at.

2. Rachael Blackmore

Rachael Blackmore is an Irish jockey who also enjoyed some serious success at the Cheltenham Festival recently, as she took victory in the Mares Hurdle. Blackmore is a fan favorite around the world as she is an extremely successful female jockey, which already makes her a bit unique. She is actually incredibly close to Paul Townend in terms of earnings too, falling just short of his rather impressive six-figure tally.

Blackmore is well known for her grit and determination, which are two rather important traits to do well in horse racing. We are fairly sure we will be seeing Blackmore on a few more podiums throughout the course of this year.

3. Davy Russell

Let’s be honest, anyone who has won the Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National is a rather talented jockey indeed. Davy Russell has done exactly that during his career, and in fact, he has won the Grand National twice, which is just staggering. While some of this success came a few years ago, Davy Russell is still making quite a name for himself in 2020.

Regarding his more recent successes, he won the prestigious Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris in 2019, which is a Grade 1 Steeplechase event. Needless to say, that isn’t something that everybody achieves, and it certainly isn’t easy to do!