When people think of bodybuilding, there are often one of two reactions. First up, you have those who appreciate the hard work and effort that these people put in to get their bodies into such remarkable shape.

Second up, you have people who find it rather concerning that people do this to themselves! Whichever side of the fence you sit on, it’s undeniable that these guys are absolute brutes, and through opportunities like Lvbet, even sports betting fans are starting to pay attention to bodybuilding.

We wanted to dive into the archives and check out some bodybuilders who just seem to have taken things to the next level over the course of their careers. We’ve listed these bodybuilding brutes below.

Goliaths of bodybuilding

1. Ronnie Coleman

‘Lightweight Baby’ – two words that will forever echo through history from this bodybuilding legend. Ronnie Coleman may have seemed a little crazy when he was screaming that at the weights he was about to lift, but hey – it seemed to work. This man was an absolute machine in his day, which you need to be in order to lift eight Mr. Olympia titles.

Coleman was able to achieve unreal definition on his body, but the size he was able to stack on was just insane too. Despite the huge size that he became known for, he wasn’t the tallest guy.

He is just 5 ft 11 inches, but that’s a contributing factor for why he appeared so huge at times. He’s made quite a name for himself in film over the years too, with 7 different movies/documentaries based on his bodybuilding exploits.

2. Arnie Schwarzenegger

If there is one man that surpasses Coleman in terms of legendary status in bodybuilding, it’s Arnie Schwarzenegger. Even if you have never seen a single bodybuilding contest in your life, there’s still a fairly good chance you have heard of this guy. With 7 Mr. Olympia titles and 3 Mr. Universe titles, he’s certainly enjoyed major success in this sport.

Besides the Mr. Olympia competition, the Arnold Sports Festival is probably one of the most prestigious events, which of course, is named after him. He’s had plenty of success away from displaying his bulging biceps on a stage too, as Schwarzenneger has served as the governor of California and has starred in major Hollywood blockbusters such as The Terminator movies.

3. Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler surprisingly isn’t anywhere near as well known as Schwarzenegger or Coleman, but let us tell you, this guy was an animal. In a rather interesting turn of events, Wheeler is referred to as the greatest of all time by the first two guys on this list. Wheeler won plenty of titles throughout his bodybuilding career, but he never won a single Mr. Olympia title!

He did, however, win the Arnold Classic four times and has lifted many other titles in his heyday. The main reason that Wheeler is referred to as the GOAT by many is due to the symmetry he was able to achieve when bodybuilding, not to mention the insane definition he could get!



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