Spain has registered 757 new deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours, a slight increase from the 743 reported yesterday, although still below 800, the figure that was exceeded every day between March 28 and April 4.

The total number of deaths has risen to 14,555, there are 146,690 current cases and there have been 48,021 people cured of the virus.

The growth in those infected remains stable, with a rise of 4.3%. The number of confirmed infections is now 146,690, 6,180 more than Tuesday.

Wednesday 6,180 infected …… 757 deaths

Tuesday 5,478 infected …… 743 deaths

Monday 4,247 infected …… 637 deaths

Sunday 6,023 infected …… 674 deaths

Saturday 7,062 infected …… 809 deaths

Friday  7,452 infected …… 932 deaths

Thursday 8,102 infected …… 950 deaths

In the Valencian Community, the road to stabilisation of infections continues, according to the councilor Ana Barceló, despite the fact that the number of infections has increased as a result of additional tests.

There were 212 new positive cases for coronavirus have been registered, 103 more than Tuesday with the total number of infections in the Valencian Community now at 7,655.

Of these new cases, 23 are in the province of Castellón, 89 in Alicante (48 more than those reported on Tuesday) and 99 in Valencia.

Also in the last 24 hours, hospitals have discharged 241 more people, of which 142 are in Castellón, 469 in Alicante (98 more than on Tuesday) and 733 in Valencia.

The total number of positive cases in the Valencian Community is 7,655, of which 899 are from Castellón, 2,803 in Alicante and 2,949 in Valencia.

There are 1,714 people in hospital, 173 less than yesterday, 222 in Castellón, 43 of them in the ICU. In Alicante there are 545 patients and 139 of them in ICU. In Valencia there are 947 admissions, of which 189 are in the ICU.

The Community death toll since the health crisis began is 724 people. 89 in Castellón, 292 in Alicante and 343 in València.

The number of infected health care workers totals 1,303, of which 202 have been discharged. There are currently 1,001 infected health staff in the Valencian Community.

France yesterday passed the barrier of 10,000 deaths from coronavirus. According to official figures, in the last 24 hours 1,427 new deaths were recorded, the highest number in Europe in a single day.

Italy registered 3,039 infections yesterday, the lowest daily figure since March 13 where, in total, there are 135,547 suffering from the virus.

The US recorded the most coronavirus deaths in a single day with more than 1,800 fatalities reported on Tuesday bringing the total number of deaths in the country to nearly 13,000, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

The US also has more than 398,000 confirmed cases, the highest number in the world.


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