Going With the Flow: How the Elderly Adapt to Modern Technology

Going With the Flow: How the Elderly Adapt to Modern Technology
Going With the Flow: How the Elderly Adapt to Modern Technology

If you are someone who is above the age of 50 then chances are that at some point, you have felt like maybe you haven’t kept up with modern technology and all that it offers. Or maybe you are a young person who is worried that the older people in your life are being left behind by society’s increasingly large jumps in our available technologies.

If you fall into either of these categories then you don’t need to worry anymore, because this article will help make you aware of different ways that the elderly are adapting to modern technology. 


One thing that elderly people have been using modern technology within their everyday lives is for medical tests, treatments, and communications. With leaps in technology, we can now have patients speak to doctors from their beds via computer, cell phone, or other devices.

This can help patients who are unable to leave home or require regular house visits from doctors. By communicating with a nurse and patient through a video feed doctors are able to make hundreds more ‘house calls’ per day than would have been possible before. 


Online banking is a technological innovation that has allowed everybody, not just the elderly, to have increased access to quick and easy banking services. This revolutionary technology means that the elderly no longer need to make painstaking trips to the bank to make payments, send money, or make purchases.

This is especially helpful for people who are unable to leave the house for reasons that include health or mobility restrictions. Having this service available also takes some burden off of caretakers or others who would normally have to take care of banking for the elderly people in their life. 


Earning money can be difficult when you are already retired from a career or relied on financial support from a spouse or family member who has since passed away. Many elderly people are becoming more well versed in new technologies in order to stay relevant in the current job market. If you are an elderly person who is good with computers, then there are numerous ways that you can make money working in the digital age.

There are numerous options when it comes to working from home or in the e-commerce sector. Working online can help supplement your income, or help in tough times when you may have medical bills to pay. Consider your options wisely to ensure you find the right online or technology-based job which fits your skill set. 


One of the things that the elderly have been doing with new technology is adapting the way they communicate with friends and family. Social media and other means have allowed the elderly to connect in a way that was never possible for them before, which can be fun and exciting! Having the ability to reconnect with old friends who live hundreds or thousands of miles away is an incredible feat, which the elderly are beginning to realize is an excellent way to communicate. 


The elderly have been using new technologies in new ways to entertain themselves using things they know, but with new technologies increasing the accessibility of these entertainment products. For instance, books are now able to be kept in pdf format on a tablet, which allows you to have a literal library in your pocket or backpack. 


Online shopping has become incredibly popular in the modern age, with services like eBay, Amazon, and others dominating the online selling market. Services like this have made it possible and feasible to buy literally anything you can think of online. This is good for elderly people who have been shopping more online in recent years.

Having the option to buy things online and have them delivered to the door can be super helpful for elderly people who may not be able to drive to the store on their own due to loss of vision, license, or other issues that can limit their ability to drive. 

Hopefully, this article has helped to inform you of different ways that the elderly are using modern technology to keep up with their younger counterparts in the modern age. Just because you didn’t have the modern conveniences available now for your entire life doesn’t mean that you can’t have them in your life now.

Use the tips and tricks in this article to help enhance your life in positive ways. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The modern world is amazing and full of opportunities to learn and push yourself.