THE fragrance of a the sweeping growth or standard tree of Honeysuckle is something to be desired for all – with the sweet taste of nectar for birds, bees and butterflies amongst other wildlife.

Honeysuckles’ colourful  flowers, that range from yellow to bright-red blossoms, attract an abundant of wildlife to the garden.

With over 180 species of Honeysuckles, growing and care for vines is easy, and an ideal plant to grow on the Costa Blanca.

Heat tolerant, preferring full sun, Honeysuckle will tolerate some shade and can be in situ in all types of soil, in both the ground and containers.

Honeysuckle pruning is recommended in the autumn-winter months, during a time when they are dormant.

And, take heed – Honeysuckle can be invasive – and if not controlled will take over large areas. In some cases, just what many gardeners want to achieve!

Medicinal values of Honeysuckle are used in tea or from the oil, which can aid the digestion system. Honeysuckle also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is ideal for skin rashes or sunburn, relief for nausea, headaches and fever.

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