The shipmates of the Torrevieja Royal Naval Association (RNA) converged at San Miguel del Salinas in the restaurant Meson El Prado where they ‘piped aboard’ (a Royal Navy term for ‘officially welcoming someone on board’ and ‘formally saluting them if they are a military personnel’ by means of blowing a specific tune with a ‘boatswain’s [bos’n] whistle’) their family and friends to join them for a stupendous Menu del Dia on the 20th February 2020.

Mustered within the members and guest visitors were ex-military personnel from other UK service, Dave & Liz visiting from the UK RNA Purley branch and of course there was the essential contingent from the Torrevieja branch of the Royal Marines Association (what would we do without them – a very integral and historical part of the Royal Navy).

It goes without saying; that when you put 40 like minded people together, there is going to be a great deal of chatter with the requisite ‘swinging of the lamp’ (Royal Naval slang or “jack speak” – for telling stories of time on-board ship or adventures during your time in the service) and there is always a ‘black cat’ story (jack speak for – a more exhilarating escapade than yours).

The staff of the restaurant Meson El Prado were exceptional with their friendly service and amazingly patient whilst trying to serve a ‘mess’ of people who were preoccupied in talking and the lull in ‘chatter’ once served was a signal of the superb quality of ‘scran’ (jack speak for -food/meal).

Following the essential tombola/raffle it was time for them all to drift apart and merrily sail home with the two important R.N. greetings of farewell in mind

“To calm seas and fair winds” & “The best ships are friendships – that’s to you and me”.

You can partake in these uplifting events even if you have no military background, so why not contact us and find out more, we look forward to hearing from you.

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The Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch welcome military and non-military personnel into our socially friendly and engaging organization, contact: Chairman, Tony Jenkins on 693866709, Membership Secretary, Danny Kay on Tel 966716274 or email  or the Secretary, Margaret Forshaw on Tel 966921996.