• Student at the Ruiz de Alda Institute enters isolation after suffering fever


San Javier was put on coronavirus alert on Monday, February 24, after a student at the Ruiz de Alda Institute entered isolation after suffering a fever – in the wake of returning with a group of colleagues to a town in northern Italy, dubbed the ‘red zone’ of the plague after three people have died.

Following concerns by parents of students a temporary suspension of classes was put in place.

Results of the analysis tests for coronavirus of a male student proved negative.

A female, remains in isolation in her home in Murcia in the wake of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health said there is no need for alarm among the population. All the health areas of the region are working in a co-ordination and establishing the measures adopted, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health.

In January The Ministry created a regional monitoring group that meets periodically to update information and analyze the extent of the coronavirus infection, in permanent contact with the Ministry of Health, which is the body that marks the level of organisation and which Confirm the cases.

Prevention measures

from the Ministry of Health state measures to be taken are the same as to prevent influenza or other respiratory infections.

These consist of avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections, frequent hand washing and extreme cleanliness and hygiene.

When coughing or sneezing, it is also recommended to use the inside of the elbow to cover your mouth and use tissues.