The penny pinching bankrupt Spanish Government has once again shown it’s complete and utter incompetence by spending €185.000 of hard earned tax payer money on a new logo for the “Junta de Andalucia”.

The “Gobierno del Cambio” (Government of Change) led by the Partido Poplular and Ciudadanos led Junta de Andalucia decided to update the logo which it has been used since 1997. The new logo consists simply of the letter “A” (and coud have been designed by a 5 year old).

The new logo has cost € 185.000 euro to re-design but the cost of rolling out all the changes will be much higher. The letter “A” will be added to posters, information leaflets, and official documents. Furthermore, there will be an extensive advertising campaign to announce the progressive changes made by the local Government.

One user said of the new logo on Twitter “VAYA MIERDA DE LOGO” which roughly translates as “a piece of sh*t”.

Thousands of Euro will be wasted printing new stationary while the hospitals are abandoned.

“How much did it cost? There are families who cannot even pay the electricity bill. Is this “A” really a main priority for Andalucia?”

Another user noted that the new logo looked very much like a copy of the logo used by the Asecan de Cine Andaluz awards.

And with the devestation cause recently to property and the daily lives by Storm Gloria to the neighbours of the region, questions have been asked about the need for the new logo and the local authorities have been labelled as “shameful”.