In an extraordinary plenary session held on Friday, December 27th, Mojácar Council approved their 2020 municipal budget of just under 11 million Euros, which is in line with the coming year’s expected revenues.

The Mayor, Rosmari Cano, stated the budget was well managed and financially sound, whilst reducing debt, based on controlled public spending, efficiency and effective management. It was also described as transparent, with balanced accounts and an austere plan for spending.

In terms of income, the municipal coffers receive their greatest input through the padrón, IBI, capital gains etc with just over 7 million Euros expected next year, 7.48% less than 2019, based on the tax instalments settled in the previous year. This figure is followed in importance by State and Junta de Andalucía contributions amounting to 1,931,895 Euros, 0.52% more than in the previous budget, followed by just over one million Euros collected through municipal taxes, fees, and various other income.

With expenses, the most important area is that regarding municipal staff salaries, with a Government increase of 2%, plus a variable depending on the GDP. Included are the costs of three new local police officers as well as other pending posts.
200,000 Euros has also been allocated to maintenance, repair and the upkeep of infrastructures as well as priority projects such as the Mojácar beach relief road.

Mojácar Council’s own actual investment for 2020 will be 1,078,815 Euros, 10% of the total budget. This amount is an increase from 2019 due to good management with respect to the payment of debts contracted by the Council in previous financial years and the corresponding decrease of 93.40% with bank loans repaid two years earlier than expected.

In 2020, Mojácar’s beaches will have an economic boost with the new walkways, rescue modules and equipment, as well as the installation of upgraded waste bins and containers. The Local Police will receive some reinforcements to their equipment and the Mojácar la Vieja restoration project will continue.

The plan will also include see the incorporation of Mojácar into the Plan de Movilidad, with an amount of 1.5 million Euros destined for tarmacking and new pavements throughout the town.