• Ryanair’s Boeing 737-8200 Max aircraft heading to Buzz – according to the airline’s chief pilot


Ryanair’s new Buzz livery Boeing 737-8200 Max will join the company’s Polish subsidiary – when the Boeing 747 MAX grounding is lifted.

As exclusively reported by The Leader, Ryanair announced it was rebranding its Polish subsidiary from Ryanair Sun, to Buzz, earlier this year.

Ryanair is awaiting their first delivery for the Boeing 737 MAX, delayed after two crashes that ended in over 300 deaths.

Ryanair’s re-branding of the Boeing 737-8200 has been spotted in Seattle, where it is waiting to receive its certification from the Federal Aviation Authority.

Buzz 737-800. Photo: Ryanair.
Buzz 737-800. Photo: Ryanair.

Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft will be heading to Buzz, according to the airline’s chief pilot on LinkedIn, who posted an image of the aircraft, with split wingtips, and the iconic nacelles of the 737 MAX engine.

Comments of the post confirmed that existing Boeing 737 aircraft in the Ryanair paint scheme would not be re-painted into the Buzz paint scheme.

Seen as possibly a cost-saving exercise, one that could mean other Ryanair group liveries, such as the red of Malta Air, are only seen on the Boeing 737 MAX.

Reported exclusively in The Leader on December 23, Boeing sacked their chief executive, in a bid to restore confidence in the airline. Chairman David Calhoun will take over as chief executive and president, from January 13.

Two 737 Max airliner crashes lead to the jet being grounded since March 2019. Boeing announced it was to stop production of the 737 Max, awaiting for regulators to certify the jet’s safety.

Investigations identified an automated control system in the plane, known as MCAS, as a factor in the 737 Max crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing 346 people.

Boeing 737 Max. Photo: Boeing.
Boeing 737 Max. Photo: Boeing.

Ryanair warned in November there was a risk it will have no Boeing 737 Max planes flying in the 2020 summer, due to further delays to the delivery of the grounded aircraft.

Ryanair’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary said the company had reduced expectation of 30, 737 Max aircraft being delivered in advance of peak summer 2020, down to 20 aircraft.

There are no details of the date of the first Boeing 737-800 being delivered to Buzz.